So you've pulled out those ol' vhs's and slides and thought, "Gee, wouldn't Aunt Bessie just LOVE  a copy of this?!"  (I mean it's not every day you see your 90 year old aunt doing the slide right? ) 

Or how about when your younger brother stuck a carrot up his nose, and you are just dying to show it off to his new girlfriend?

  Well you've come to the right spot!  Please fill out the following questions to help me determine what you need and the price.

Please know that included in the price is  the Cd, Label (and labeling), and case.

  After we are at an understanding at what needs to be done and by when, you can either  pay me through paypal, pay me cash, or mail me a check.

     When shipping VHS tapes and such media to me,  please be aware that it will be your responsiblity for shipping to and from Kosher sounds.
(When sending me media, some people like to pay for it in advance and include the payment in the box.)